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CMI continues to provide personal touch

Clients We've Served

The Rock We Stand On

Curtis Moring, Jr took over The Curtis Moring Insurance Agency, Ltd.(CMI) from it's founder, his father, in 1986. CMI is proud to be celebrating their 50th anniversary of doing business as a full service insurance brokerage in the State of California.
Proud of their attention to detail, and relationship based customer service, CMI has stood the test of time, but perhaps more importantly CMI has thrived through for 50 years.
Changes in insurance regulations and practices, economical shifts, and the rise and fall of various insurers came to pass while CMI stood the test of time and now shares the wisdom it has gained along the way, to ensure both you and your business specific insurance needs are met.
Ruben Garcia“Curtis Moring is a creative expert in the field of insurance. I found him to be personable and very down to earth. I recommend Curtis and the Curtis Morning Insurance Agency, Inc.“
Ruben Garcia
SBA District Director
U.S. Small Business Administration
Toni Herndon“Curtis tops the charts on professionalism and knowledge in his field. He knows how to work hard for his clients and supports their dreams as well. His philanthropic endeavors have served many members of our community and his compassion for others reflects in all the does.“
Toni Herndon
Here to Inspire